Our speciality sausages are renowned!

We are always developing new varieties

- some as a result of customer's suggestions.

Our sausages have a very high meat

content and are freshly made in the traditional way.

If you compare our sausages to those sold

in supermarkets you'll find a huge difference in the way they cook, their meatiness, texture and taste. We reckon you'll never buy a mass produced sausage again once you've tried ours!

Our current range includes:

Plain Pork -packed with pork and full of flavour, there's nothing plain about them

Pork & Garlic - a sausage with a lovely tang to it

Pork & Apple - slightly sweet and very pleasant

Pork, Honey & Rosemary – meaty with a gentle honeyed sweetness

Pork & Leek – speak for themselves packed with pork

Beef & Tomato - rich and red

Lamb & Mint - a drier texture and with a refreshing edge

Thai - a very popular sausage with a real oriental 'kick' to it!

Venison - dark, rich and very meaty also have an added fruity taste  

We also make the South African Boerwurst Sausage. We can also provide Gluten Free and Vegetarian Sausages on Request.