All our meat is locally sourced from local farms where possible. We want our customers to feel 100% confident about the meat they buy from us.

The beef we sell is usually from Dexter or Belted Galaways. The Lamb we sell is usually from Sanduct in Lustleigh. We always, where possible use meat that has been sourced from the West Country.

We sell many traditional cuts of meat that you will not be able to find in supermarkets.

Whether you want a Fillet of Beef for a party, a Turkey Crown for Christmas or a Guard of Honour Lamb for Easter - we will trim and prepare your meat to your liking. At busy times, we would appreciate a phone call in advance for special cuts!

Depending on season and availability, we always have a good supply of game including venison, pheasant, duck, pigeon and rabbit.

We now have introduced our home-made Faggots with an added flavour of smoked bacon and wrapped in the traditional way using caul fat. (please be advised these aroked). These are lovely served with a rich gravy, mashed potatoes and peas.